Monday Momtra “This Way to Exit the Matrix, Mom”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 5/22/2017.

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As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

The Dalai Lama made an intriguing comment that has made the rounds on social media. His statement, “The world will be saved by the Western woman,” was delivered during the Vancouver Peace Summit in 2009. His comment caught my attention immediately when I first read it a few years ago. It has really triggered such powerful considerations in me beyond even the most immediate inferences which we could draw. Possibly beyond what he even intended. Over the past few decades we have experienced the emerging impact of the feminine claiming her worth and the underlying energies that have been brought forward by that shift. Challenging the traditional patriarchy and tipping the scales into greater balance of the complementing masculine and feminine.

Courageous acts by brave women to claim this worthiness and men of integrity, who also act, support and honor it. Women stepping into a way of being that has become increasingly reflected in valued positions of influence within the structures of the home and family, business, and society in general.  A reclaiming.

It provoked in me the consideration, that the modern Buddha may no longer be best illustrated as the isolated monk who wanders the mountainside…soaking up the silence as he finally meets his enlightenment in the solitude of a dimly lit cave. But it may just be the Western mom, who meets her spiritual truths amidst the heightened layers of contrast, conditioning and materialism. Seated right next to her kids in the minivan. As she unravels from all of this, she may just be the real friggin’ spiritual hero of our time. Is this what the Dalai Lama may have been referencing? Maybe. 😉

I still remember the feeling of watching my children sleep when they were younger. To this day it serves as a great reminder of the stillness and peace that holds us in every moment.  The deeper I have traveled into my experience of spiritual awakening, the more I have come into witness of the layers of conditioning we share collectively as a humanity, as well as those unique to our Western culture. Who I really am is what I would feel in that stillness and peace as I my children slept. Something that is easy to forget inside the labels and layers of our daily lives.

The perceived “duties” and “roles” that the Western matriarch often unconsciously steps into, offers its unique viewpoint of the competitive, manipulative, materialistic and often superficial culture we exalt in the West. But maybe most importantly, her view and role offers a unique point of influence for the unraveling of outdated and unhealthy belief systems and ways of being that just no longer serve the highest good. And what a task. Caught in the entanglements of cultural distortion, if the Western mom can unravel from that, I feel the potentials are exponential. I talk more about some of my personal experience with this perspective in a previous blog post, The Mother Awakening.

As we journey to get more in touch with the roots of our being, we are intrinsically provided with the opportunity to then bring our expanding conscious awareness into our everyday experiences and the daily experiences of our families. As we shed the unnecessary layers in our beliefs…any dissonance calls to be reconciled. This is significant inside of a culture that glorifies busyness, socioeconomic achievements, rules, comparisons, perfectionism, suppression of feelings, conformity, and external beauty (just to name a few;).

As we shed these unnecessary layers, the foundation that remains is rooted in simplicity, creativity, acceptance, love and compassion.  As we reconnect to these foundations inside, we experience a reshuffling on the outside.

The monk may meet himself in the proverbial cave while the mom meets herself on the front lines of the soccer field. Inside the entangled social structures, real and perceived responsibilities, and worldly trappings and distortions. How we as mothers authentically reshape our awareness and relationship with these concepts creates the space for those around us to explore the same. The exit from our own personal Matrix.

Examples of things a mother may deeply re-examine when awakening from her “matrix”:

  1. How our belief systems drive decisions in our life.
  2. How our belief systems influence our children’s experiences and their belief systems.
  3. What responsibilities do we choose and which we feel obligated to- and why that matters.
  4. The things which we place highest priority in our lives.
  5. Expectations we place on our children and the reasons we do so.
  6. How driven we are by social acceptance or rejection and how we project that onto our children.
  7. Exploring why we engage in specific systems (education, clubs/activities, financial, medical, health/food, religious, etc.) and how we may conform and give our personal power away within them.
  8. How we influence our children in those systems.
  9. How attached we feel to our children’s choices, achievements, and persona.. and why.
  10. How fear or lack influences our parenting.
  11. How guilt influences our parenting.
  12. Life/work balance.
  13. Our happiness.
  14. The happiness of those in our family.
  15. Where we can exercise the power of choice to create more authentic, aligned and fulfilling lives.


As we awaken to deeper levels of our spirituality, our true selves, we realize that we are the ones creating our own limits. We are indoctrinated to all the systems imposed on us from birth. And the less aware we are of that, the less aware we are that we just continue to pass that along generation to generation. But as we become aware, we begin to consider, and often observe, how we pass those limitations and boundaries on to our children. Often fears overtaking our faith. Seriousness trumping our joy. Our lives churn in a cycle of, “lather rinse repeat”. Often the monotony itself serving as the catalyst for our wake-up call.



As we being to remember all the core pieces of who we are, we recall who we are beyond mommy. We remember that motherhood wasn’t intended to complete us, but to complement us. To enhance our life experience and the life experiences of our family.

Six Momtra’s that are reshaping my experience as a mom:

  1. I am responsible for the energy I bring to my home.
  2. I choose to make peace with my fears…it’s the only way for me and my children to feel truly free to live.
  3. My children are creating their own dreams; it’s not their responsibility to fulfill mine.
  4. I don’t have to be an artist to live a creative life.
  5. When my kids look at me, I want them to see that the silliness and laughter doesn’t have to end with childhood.
  6. Making time for me is the healthy kind of selfish. I desire what I give to others to be proportionate to what I am willing to give myself.

Whatever the Dalai Lama may have intended when he spoke of the saving power of the Western woman, I am only certain that it comes by first saving ourselves.  I’m with you for this unraveling. What’s underneath…it’s really that significant and powerful…it just might save the world.

1ove <3


If you would like to connect for a one-on-one session as you navigate your journey of self-discovery, I would consider it my privilege and look forward to hearing from you.

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