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Morning Momtra


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(Headphone play recommended for maximum effect).

Track Time 4:44 


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Set your intention for a peaceful day with affirmations of gratitude, security, love and for a positive perspective.


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Created with the needs of a mother in mind, this guided meditation will assist you in setting a peaceful and positive tone for your day. Allowing you to transition easily from slumber to the day ahead of you. The power of conscious intention setting can have significant positive impacts on our perspective and overall life experience. It can be used as a natural and holistic aid for the reduction of depression, stress and anxiety.

Headphone play is recommended for maximum effect. Frequency-minded background music is produced in 444 Hz, associated with the sacred Solfeggio Scale, to impact and renew the body emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.


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Frequency-Minded Music Produced By ListeningToSmile

Voiced By Sian Ailish Winslade

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