Monday Momtra “The Wisdom of Not Knowing”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 2/27/2017.

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

This past weekend we passed through a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces. Generally speaking, the stock you take in astrology I suppose is very connected to the purpose and rhythm you feel about life. In my experience,  I was conditioned from a very young age to believe that the alignment of the stars and planets was akin to a novelty or even taboo. But as I have grown in my personal spirituality, I have developed a deep appreciation for the placement and purpose of everything in the universe. Currently, I take a very “as above, so below” approach and find no coincidence in the alignments of the cosmos and the resulting influence on the rhythm of the collective energies of humanity.  From a basic scientific perspective, we all acknowledge the effects of the sun and the moon on the ocean tides. Our bodies are made up of over 50% water so it is understandable how we, as humans, could collectively move with these celestial currents as well.  Any teacher or nurse I know can certainly attest to events such as a full moon with as much accuracy as the Farmer’s Almanac. A solar eclipse is tied to changing circumstances. Situations, beliefs, behavior patterns or even our overall life path. A new moon represents a time to plant seeds for the future.


Endings which simultaneously mean new beginnings.


The impact of this past weekend’s particular conjunctions is believed to have been especially prophetic and powerful. A gateway opening us to an interesting several months.  In other words, the buckle your seat belt kind of unfoldment that your Farmer’s Almanac doesn’t get into.

The current collective conditions are as good as any to discuss the idea of change. Uncertainty. Let’s face it. Most of us don’t do so well with change. We possess such a strong human desire “to know”. On a very basic emotional and psychological level it gives us a sense of control. It allows us to feel more secure and safe as we move throughout our day and in the greater context of our life. When the rug gets pulled out from under us, we want to regain our balance as quickly as possible.  With things we perceive as bigger, it can trigger the feeling of urgency and even a sense of acute desperation.


What are some reasons we may feel stress when we “don’t know”?:

  1. We are bringing negative past events or experiences into the present moment and making the assumption that they are about to repeat in the same manner.
  2. We are projecting negative ideas and scenarios (instead of positive ones) into a yet unknown future.
  3. Our ego feels threatened by a shift in a predictable status quo of circumstances and conditions.
  4. We feel overwhelmed by potential outcomes. Anxiety because of future focus versus present moment focus.
  5. Vulnerability surfaces and causes stress from feeling a general lack of control and at the mercy of everything occurring around us.
  6. When we consider different perspectives for long held beliefs, traditions, or circumstances, our sense of identity and the way we view the world is challenged and it can evoke great fear and a feeling of crisis.


The truth about uncertainty is that none of us are immune. In both the sense of our daily existence as well as a vital and integral part of our life experience and the opportunity to grow and evolve. We develop, question and change beliefs about our experiences and greater social constructs by moving into uncertainty. The more aware and comfortable we can become with that, the less negative we perceive the cycle. The more we avoid it, the greater our resistances will become.

We begin to experience that our faith may not be calling us to an unquestioning obedience to a belief or circumstance. But rather a willingness to engage in the process of never ending receptivity. To seeking alignment with vast and infinite truth through our continual commitment to our own evolution. Opening to deeper layers of wisdom.

As we increase our consciousness around this issue, we can also begin to open more of a window to navigate the shadowy fears we tag to uncertainty. We release it’s tug on us more quickly allowing us more conscious access to potentials that exist beyond the shifting sands. As well as greater levels of optimism and trust as we move through. The more aware we are that we are the philosophers of our perspective, the more we free ourselves and others from unnecessary burdens.



But that’s not always so easy, is it? So how can we best deal with times in which we are feeling the discomfort of uncertainty?  Or how our changing circumstances or considerations will affect who we believe ourselves and the worlds we live in to be? The first thing to consider is releasing our resistance to it. This is an important step to trigger the actual move through the process of uncertainty.

Begin to ease your resistance by:

  1. Reminding yourself that feeling uncomfortable is an invitation into greater alignment with yourself, who you are becoming where your life is headed.
  2. Allow your emotions to move through you. Journal your thoughts. Give space to exactly what you are feeling
  3. Take conscious actions to ease your current emotional state. Meditate, get out in nature, engage in physical activity, seek support and comfort from family and friends.
  4. Make a list of times change or uncertainty brought you to a better place in hindsight.


As long as we remain in opposition to “not knowing,”we keep ourselves out of the space of new awareness. This space of new awareness exists in a different frequency and energy than uncertainty. We tune into the new when we start tuning our focus off of the old.

It is through easing the notion of the unknown that we actually relax into our next knowing. 

In this regard, “I don’t know,” may be absolutely the most receptive state for growth and wisdom. This isn’t an apathetic surrender, but rather an opening of our heart in a state of receptivity.

When we are challenged by change, it is good to remind ourselves of how far we have come in this life. Most experiences hold a mixed bag of emotion and opportunity. And that really is what makes us feel alive. In this moment we are quite literally the best versions of ourselves that we have ever been.

We are the wisest, most experienced, bravest expression of ourselves to date. We are living on the leading most edge of our own self-discovery and personal growth. Today is the furthest that we have ever come in this journey. In that knowing there is no feeling of sliding backwards and we can find comfort in that. We can take peace that life and all of its changes propels us only in a forward direction.


Each day I am reminded that  “birth” is an infinite verb. So welcome your infinite re-births. Each is continually calling us through not only our excitements, but our uncertainties. May we all find peace in this process we call life and release to its fullest potential for us.

1ove <3


If you would like to connect for a one-on-one session as you navigate your journey of self-discovery, I would consider it my privilege and look forward to hearing from you.

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