Monday Momtra “When Fear Reigns Queen”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 2/6/2017

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.


Feeling into the collective energies, if we had to crown an “emotion of the moment,” fear would surely win by a landslide!

With anger standing guard and sadness beckoning us to greet her, it is often with the ambivalence of a frenemy that we finally surrender to meet with the Queen of the Ball.


In the game of Chess, the Queen is often the strongest piece on the board. Moving with ease and working diligently to protect the ultimate prize. While in Chess the prize is the King, in life, it is love, freedom, and truth. And in both games, the only way to get to the prize is to get past her.

Queen Fear stands in wait of our presence.

We perceive fear as our enemy when we avoid the feelings of pain it evokes. In my experience, this pain originates beneath layers and layers of disconnection between our mind perspective and our soul perspective. Typically past experiences and belief systems create a distorted filter of perception and assumptions which we drag into our present reality in the form of our thoughts.

The result is we create suffering for ourselves in this moment. All while using as our excuse things that ironically aren’t even occurring anywhere in our personal present reality outside of our thoughts and imagination.

When you choose to trust your head over your heart, you end up worshiping the illusions of your mind at the expense of your soul.

The greater part of our inner being knows and trusts the eternal nature of our consciousness. The benevolence and rhythm of the universe. Our ability to be self-empowered and self-actualized versus a victim of circumstance. It abides in the understanding of the laws of the universe and their consistent and eternal nature. As well as our eternal nature in connection with all that is, ever was, and ever will be.


As we move into broader perspective and connection with our purpose for even coming to this earth…

As we reconnect with the remembrance of our soul’s desire for never-ending growth and expansion, the purpose of life and our means of actualizing that purpose takes a much different shape.



Imagine that fear is the ultimate illusion and life is designed to strip illusion from us. And in doing so we find our fearlessness, which is ultimately…

our freedom.


What we resist persists, festers, and grows. Life will bring us face to face with these layers of fear until we release our resistance to facing them. Our lessons are demanding our attention and like a child in need of acknowledgment, will only scream louder if we choose to ignore them.


We ironically prevent the very tool attempting to free us from working as it was designed.

As the passageway to the King prize.

Consider that from a very human perspective, we could never know truth, love and connection without fear. Through the stark contrast of comparison, we are gifted with the discernment to come to know what truth even is.

We can thank the darkness for creating a need to seek light.

The opportunity to face and dissolve our fears, layer by layer, each time granted an experience to allows us to know that truth, love and connection is all that ever exists on the other side of it.

The Queen steps aside so we can meet the King.

Living in a world without fear requires absolutely no cooperation from the world. We are called to unravel to fearlessness and break free from the illusion.


You have to  GO  through it to  GROW  through it.

One brave opportunity for self-examination at a time.

One courageous act out of love versus fear at a time.


When fear triggers you. When you feel it swirl through your senses. Your sympathetic nervous system (your fight-or-flight response and a pervasive state of systemic stress) has already kicked in. From this state of being, all other experiences will also be filtered through the emotional of fear. While in a state of fear, you will literally perceive the fearful perspective attached to everything occurring around you…setting the stage for a vicious cycle.

This is the time to pause. Breathe. Regroup. 

Whether you are experiencing fear as chronic, acute, or both, there are several things you can do to assist in moving through it.

Practices to Dissolve Fear

  1. Focus on the present moment. The majority of our emotions connected to our feelings of fear come from either past experiences or projected assumptions about the future, neither of which exist right now.
  2. Engage in daily meditation. Silent communion with the higher aspect of yourself and connection with the divine field of consciousness provides broader perspective, space for self-examination and an opportunity for rejuvenation. From this place you will be reminded of the fluidity of circumstances and timelines not yet laid. The infinite unseen factors to find faith in versus doubt. The past does not repeat without the benefits of what was gained. All those gains are made available in this moment and in all future moments.
  3. Engage in practices of self-love and positivity. Reset this as your default vibration. Your present moment vibration works with the Law of Attraction to literally navigate your future trajectory. Practice acts of self-care and exercises to make conscious choices toward positivity and optimism. Make time for self-study and reach out for support when needed.
  4. Take your awareness into your shadows when they arise. When faced with fear pull the light of your conscious awareness with you into the cave. This is how you observe your emotional states and what beliefs are connected to them. Know that you are making a choice to engage in self-examination and have the ability to move in and out of this state at your will. Remember the only way out is through and you control the pace.
  5. Take action in the direction of what is desired. Moving toward something summons highly different energy than running from or pushing against it does. Discern even one thing that is a reflection of the energy of solution or resolution and engage in a positive action in that direction.



Our life experiences can feel absolutely crazy at times. Most especially when we get sucked up into a vortex of emotional angst and loose connection with our awareness and presence. But when we commit to moving through it, we break through to the other side.

Let the craziness unravel you until all that’s left is



And that is when our soul declares, “checkmate”.

1ove <3


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