Monday Momtra “When It’s Us Versus Them”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 2/20/2017.

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

There is a very tangible tug of war that continues to ensue in the collective energies. On the surface some might say it’s the clashing of right and left sided beliefs and agendas. Conservative and progressive. Maybe even dark and light (all determined by the side of the fence that you’re sitting on). From a spiritual perspective, as we exist here in LifeSchool, as of late it feels like we are attending the master class. It is helpful, and actually essential, to consider the opportunities presenting right now from a growth perspective. From the perspective that life doesn’t happen “to us” but rather in support of actualizing us. Drawing us into greater alignment with the truth of our being, which resides in connection, love, and acceptance.

Nothing like the boiling pot of fear, divisiveness, and dissonance to turn up the heat on our personal growth meter.  And at the end of the day, our personal growth is synonymous with our purpose as an eternally evolving soul.

What if we are being provided with the opportunity to see how easily we default to duality? Succumb to divisiveness? How quickly we turn on our fellow humans in the name of seeking a better tomorrow for all of us?

How freely we give our personal sense of security, hope, and direction to circumstances and other people?

What if this current time period has much less to do with what is playing out on the main stage and much more to do with what we learn about who we are and where we are headed? A gift.

Lessons in:

self-reflection . self-responsibility . self-empowerment

Chaos challenges us to retreat, engage, or move beyond.

We arrive at a choice point to either react or respond.

To choose courage or fear when things are crazy and we are afraid.

If we set the intention to respond versus give into unconscious retaliation, we are given an opening in our awareness in the form of self-examination.. We begin to look more attentively at societal and cultural belief patterns. Usually first with regards to what is collectively occurring outside and around us. And then inevitably what is occurring in our own hearts. Falling into the opportunity to examine beliefs and even conditioning.  We get triggered into reviewing all that is no longer serving who we currently are or are becoming . Not only as a humanity, but more importantly, individually as people. Our entire worldview and the constructs under which we operate move under the spotlight when situations become acute and intense.

The blessing is that personal truth and clarity are often brought to the surface by the flames of intense times. But it is always our choice to step into the purifying fire of self-discovery…or not.

When we have the sense that things are functioning outside of the alignment of truth as we feel it, it can create a lot of discomfort and personal dissonance. At its worst, panic and desperation. Initially this can trigger us to engage against what we dislike. To to take up the good fight against the forces of wrongdoing. And this is understandable. Natural. A necessary process at times. But there comes a tipping point in our push against “them,” whoever “they” may be in our individual worlds, that a new realization arises. We experience a growing awareness that as long as we remain in the gridlock of the mental, emotional, energetic (and sometimes even physical) struggle, we are simply on lock down.


Our vital life force energy is frozen in the space where resistance meets resistance.  And in this space, nothing moves. We literally stifle our energy from moving toward anything that resembles solution or connection, because that current runs a different direction. That current flows above conflict and moves with the energy of new beginnings. Creating, building, and establishing what it is that we actually desire.

There is a powerful magician inside of each one of us who in every moment swirls intention, focus and energy toward whatever we choose. Sovereignty and freedom or judgment and fear.  Connection or division. Love or lack. We are most literally the alchemist of our own magic or misery.

When we come into this understanding of our personal energy alchemy, other options become available. This place allows a softening and vulnerability to arise in substitute for the ego which is screaming for us to put up walls, call in our emotional troops, and push back against all those unwanted things. It’s like making a choice to stay in an earthquake ridden city as it crumbles to the ground when you have the option to move out to the spacious countryside and begin building anew.

With intent that flows toward alignment and reconciliation, our goals shift toward seeking resolution and connection. And the current that energy comes from, and where it is traveling, is completely different.


The goal is no longer sidetracked by the fight. No longer derailed by the need to prove the other person wrong to validate our sense of right. We consciously move our energy out of the stagnancy of gridlock and empower ourselves to a different personal reality. And in doing so, we empower others to see the doorway out as well. This is both the paradox and magic found in changing ourselves. It always starts with our own ability to shift and then to anchor in those new realizations with our actions. And like the butterfly effect, everything else around us changes. We free ourselves to be creators of our own destiny again because we have released our immediate need for a specific condition to exist before that can occur. Reminding us each time it happens that our power only always lies within our individual self.


Moving toward something summons highly different energy than running from or pushing against it does. The former births resolution and harmony, while the latter fuels conflict and resistance.



In this knowing we are moving in the truest sense of faith. Consider it to even be the alchemy of faith referred to in the Bible, “Even faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains”. When I am scared (which is always why I push against and resist)…I am not acting in faith. I am acting in fear. When I move in word or deed aligned with knowing that I AM acting in love …the entire alchemy of my energy (and the resulting trajectory) has shifted.


Healing Conflict:

  1. Is always an inside job first.
  2. Exists outside of duality consciousness.
  3. Requires vulnerability and flexibility.
  4. Seeks resolution and connection.
  5. Comes through the remembrance that you and I are more the same than we ever were different.



The best and truly the only way to combat hate?

Be responsible for your own expression of it.


Regardless of the circumstances, I encourage you to not forget who “you” are regardless of who your mind convinces you “they” are. I see you and what I see is good. If we seek to see the commonalities and aspects of worthiness in others, we are taking steps into connection and toward resolution.

Every. Time.

This is how we plant the seed of transformation and literally influence the world around us.  Like a string of dominoes, one tipping leads to the next.



Love is the tie that binds. Fear, judgement, hate by their very nature reject. Something cannot be bound and severed in the same moment. Consider that a heaven on earth won’t be delivered through mass conformity out of fear, but rather mass acceptance born of love. Unity, found ironically through embracing our diversity.

So be kind. Show more love, not less. Grow your acceptance rather than contract it. Face your fears rather than run from them. Confront your own dissonance and bravely change your perspectives and beliefs if prompted by your heart.

We can do this. We must and we will. It’s the work we are here for. Remembering we are our own answer to love and peace. And so let’s go create more of that.

1ove <3


If you would like to connect for a one-on-one session as you navigate your journey of self-discovery, I would consider it my privilege and look forward to hearing from you.

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    1. I am glad it resonated with you <3 This theme is very much traveling through the collective energy right now for all of us to unravel <3

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