Monday Momtra “The Urge to Purge”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 8/28/2017.

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

This past week I had the urge to purge. Bags of clothes, books that have been read and aren’t going to be cracked open again, craft supplies that having been stockpiled for years, toys and sports equipment my kiddos have outgrown, kitchen gadgets I don’t use and outdated electronics. Household items that I have in duplicate or felt super worn or just suddenly seemed completely unnecessary made their way out of the door as well. Some more random and personal things that had held some kind of meaning for me at a previous point in time. And the attic. Sweet baby J in the manger, that attic. The piles that I tackled were demolished and only a few things remained. I was actually pretty ruthless. The kind of ruthless that happens when a deep purge arrives. Whether previously clouded by tentative indecision, sentimental attachment or just a lack of energy to even face it, a true purge moves swiftly-with clarity. And a determined desire to just….release.

I’m not really certain what truly serves to fuel our willingness to roll up our sleeves and sift through our attachments sometimes better than others. But the intersection of both our willingness and readiness seems to provide the foundation. Our stagnancy and discomfort only growing when we don’t relent.

I had an interesting feeling this week. I considered that I am purging all that was never really mine to begin with. That the most challenging work comes first. All of the stuff that leads me up to that intersection of willingness and readiness. The work of release comes long before I actually let it go. Subsequently, the actual act of letting go then…doesn’t even seem so difficult. It’s almost like I can’t get rid of it quick enough.

When I loosen my grip, I can be confident that all that remains has significance. I open up the space that is a necessary prerequisite for growth. It isn’t until I open new space (in that void like a vacuum) that it can ever refill with something new.

Liberate yourself. The weight of everything you carry around that keeps you from your joy. The more we release, the higher we reach.

Pull it out, dig into the dark places, look at it and set it in the “go” pile. Surrender to release it. And then actually let it go. Get down to the simplicity of who you are. The changing you. The growing, updated awareness of “you”. It’s just so much more effort when you drag all of your baggage and boxes along with you as you move. And it’s your stuff, so you’re the only one who can truly sift through it. Don’t think for a moment that the external purge has nothing to do with the inside. It’s a mirror reflection. As we face/shift/release our outdated beliefs, attachments, hurts/wounds, archetypes and perspectives our environment by default…yup, it shifts as well.

As above so below; as within so without. Let the individual and collective purge continue to do it’s thing. How very prophetic for a post-eclipse week. How very prophetic for this time we are living in.

Soooo….some of the “stuff” that made it into my literal and figurative trash bags and donation piles this week? Things that even a few months ago I would not have been willing to let go of. But this week it was different. And let me tell ya’….oh, what a liberating week it has been!

Wishing you much love and encouragement as you purge all that was never yours to hold onto. As well as what each of us have to do in order to clean up your own messes, another important part of purging (and only you know what that is). Taking care of it…is the highest act of showing care for others…and yourself as well. Nobody needs to be tripping over all of your old stuff (including you).

Continue to eclipse every last bit of that shit that needs to go. xx

1ove <3


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