Monday Momtra “Taking Responsibility for All of Me”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 4/17/2017.

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

We are currently in the midst of a highly unusual astrological retrograde cycle. Several (not just one or a few) planets triggering a time of intense reflection. Revisiting past issues with the potential to gain new perspectives and deeper understandings about ourselves. You can read more about the current conditions of the cosmos as you would feel inspired. While I am certainly not an astrologer, I have come to deeply appreciate the psychic steams triggered by the cosmic alignments through cycles of time. Embracing “as above, so below” can deepen our awareness of the current collective conditions, allowing us to work best with the prevailing energies. Opening up new levels of potential and choice.

Anytime we are called into a cycle of reflection, the highest purpose is always for self-realization. The shadow side of calls into reflection can be a desire for escapism or even a slide into depression. However if we face times of processing past experiences  to learn more about ourselves and our place in the world around us, the realizations we are gifted with can create significant positive insights and shifts in the way we understand and experience our current reality.


The positive aspects of engaging mindfully in reflection are:

  1. Opportunity for emotional release. Allowing feelings to move through us that we didn’t previously. For whatever reasons we may have repress emotions (or the depth of our emotions) connected to past experiences. If we do, they stay locked inside of us until they are acknowledged and released.
  2. Discovering beliefs we hold about ourselves that warrant re-examination. As we move through life, often unconsciously, we can allow events to shape our beliefs about ourselves. This is especially true of childhood experiences. Often these core beliefs can become locked deep in our psyche, only to be brought into conscious awareness via our invitation and readiness. The renowned psychologist, Carl Jung, referred to these hidden aspects as our “shadow self.”  The process of allowing these aspects into awareness (which releases them) is referred to as “shadow work”.
  3. The chance to consciously choose. An enormous act of self-empowerment and self-love is found in owning our choices not only about our daily life, but most importantly about our perspectives regarding life. This being what I feel is the pivotal foundation for self-responsibility. Our commitment to self-discovery.

My feeling is that the most significant thing for which we can take responsibility in this life experience is our consciousness.


Our awareness and the belief we place in the power of our thoughts.  In my experience, this process inevitably requires periods of “shadow work”. We are given the opportunity to reclaim the forgotten or repressed aspects of ourselves that are brought to our attention through things that sadden, anger, or trigger us emotionally in any variety of ways.  Reflection often serving growth in our awareness after the catalyst of a strong reaction evoked within us. A time to hold honest witness to how we really feel in the context of our experiences. The events that trigger us emotionally can open a doorway to our psyche and can serve as messengers for healing and transformation if we allow.



In this space we can come to acknowledge all of the things that need to be released, such as:

  1. Suppressed emotions
  2. Suppressed creativity
  3. Outdated beliefs
  4. Distorted perspectives
  5. Unmet needs
  6. New desires

Life is dancing with us and asking us to take the lead. Our experiences are not just being imposed upon us (unless we choose to believe that). We are required to engage back with it, whether conscious or unconscious of that interaction. As our awareness of our role in the dances evolves, so does our responsibility. As we move into our responsibility for our own self-discovery, our awareness continues to expand. As we awaken to our inner energy alchemist, we begin to more deeply understand this synergy.


Self-responsibility is freedom’s paradox.


Responsibility and freedom co-existing? Yes! When we consciously choose to work within this construct to create a meaningful existence, we are free in our creativity. Stepping into and building the life that is inspiring for us. Confidently assuming our lead role as a partner in the lifedance. When we resist the process, the dance still moves us, but the flow and transitions are bumpier and we can basically just feel flung around in life or in a monotonous shuffle.

We are continually given opportunities to wake up to more awareness and the power of conscious choice.  Receiving the messages, integrating them into our knowing and then making the next choice. There is a huge difference between approaching life unconsciously (being at the mercy of it) and embracing each moment and twirling with it across the dance floor.



As we assume this co-creative responsibility for our life, we embrace our highest path versus the very tentative path of the ego. We tune to messages from our highest self and actualize our highest potentials when we become willing to accept the responsibly that comes along with that. Experiencing the joy of manifesting and creating because we were willing to step out on the dance floor and take the lead. Faith does not relinquish power, it moves with it. Heaven on earth is ours for the making.

1ove <3


If you would like to connect for a one-on-one session as you navigate your journey of self-discovery, I would consider it my privilege and look forward to hearing from you.

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