Monday Momtra “We Step First. Then the Rest of it Changes”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 5/8/2017.

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

There is just so much transpiring right now in the national political scene in the United States. Key issues triggering us into deep considerations related to power, control, and care of ourselves and others. Issues within the current political environment (this week in particular, healthcare) have brought up entanglements in our individual and collective senses of value/worth and responsibility. Power and lack of. Challenging some of our deepest veins of unconscious fear and lack.  Bringing into our awareness these issues on a personal and collective scale with the ever present opportunity to acknowledge and begin the process of unraveling what we are ready to release at deeper levels. We also have a full moon in Scorpio this week, on May 10. A cosmic invitation for this release.

Maybe the greatest paradox of this life is the connection between what is transpiring “out there” and what is transpiring inside of us. The awareness of the connection, as well as the separateness. And then the alchemy that transpires as we move into taking greater responsibility for the synergy between the two. Finding a balance for our focused attention and energy inside and out. And most importantly, how it may manifest to gain our attention if misaligned.

I want to mention that I move through all of the considerations I write about. I am sharing from my deepest, most relevant places of experience and awareness. So I acutely understand that the considerations I offer up may greatly trigger you. And I get it. I get it because the same considerations have triggered me. That is part of the intended alchemy.

My feeling is that we are all offered the opportunity to use anything that evokes a major emotional response in us as a flag to make us aware that we have an issue calling for our attention. Triggers are opportunities to come to greater understanding of any possible limiting beliefs we hold which would elicit that particular reaction from us.



An opportunity to come into greater self-awareness and as a result self-empowerment if we choose. Loving ourselves enough to desire to know ourselves deeply is an act of great compassion resulting in increased self-worth. Inevitably delivered with added growth in our sense of personal power.

Any time we serve our self with this type of growth, it also always serves the greater collective. I feel that as we come into greater understanding of ourselves, we influence others to the same. This is significant. As you or I grow in our awareness, we then can not help but influence another person, and then another. Each accepting the reigns of responsibility for their personal growth. Moving from a mentality of victim-hood to one of empowerment. Can you imagine the impact of that for humanity? Following our fears through to compassion.



Moving into a disposition of empowerment means we begin to release the depths of conditions we place outside of us that affect our inner sense of peace. Our grip on our need for others to believe or behave certain ways to shore up our own sense of value or security (that includes governments ;). In living more self-empowered lives, we encourage others to the same.  Then as more and more people step into that, the mighty towers of perceived injustice crumble. Not because we pushed, protested or threw stones to bring them down. But because we realized we were free to leave our residence in those tower. And as we left, we showed others their power to do the same. The towers then just crumble from lack of attention and upkeep. We take responsibility to step away and create what it is we desire. We claim our power in that versus wasting our energy demanding the tower remodel itself. We don’t like the new insurance regulations? Okay. Let’s get to creating lives and programs that work outside of them. I am not implying that is easy. But I am implying it may be easier than the alternative.


Our responsibility to help or improve things for others can only ever begin with the extent of our willingness to first serve ourselves in those same capacities. The entire idea of self-care versus selfless service can spark never-ending debate. I feel we need both to function at our fullest. What I will share is what I have learned in my experience. If I relinquish my responsibility to care for my own freedom, health, power, creativity, joy and abundance… my acts of service to others in those same things often end up being projections of my own lack. My own willingness to first be responsible for what I needed for my own well-being. An act of service for myself which ultimately transfers to all others. Because a full cup overflows. And when my full cup overflows it feels amazing. If I am flowing in love to myself and others, I feel most balanced. Ask yourself. Truly. Honestly. How are you caring for YOU in the context of your care for others?

“I was always ashamed to take. So I gave. It was not a virtue. It was a disguise.”

– Anaïs Nin, from The Diary Of Anaïs Nin


An example of how a lack of self-care may show up in a trigger:

If I am not taking the fullest responsibility for my health (even if a desire just below my awareness) by eating well, exercising regularly and making healthy life choices, I may be feel frustrated or angered (triggered) by a family member who I feel should take better care of themselves. That trigger is my opportunity to bring my own unconscious into awareness if I choose. The projection is, “If I can get them to be healthier then I am vicariously healing that aspect of me asking for greater self-care”.

Of course if we are coming from a place of projection it never works out to satisfy our inner unconscious. From a spiritual perspective (which I feel is intimately entwined with our own self-discovery)  I would encourage consideration that regardless of what is occurring outside of us, the opportunity is always an internal one. In the case of this example, examine the trigger, bring our own projection into awareness and then address how to move toward a solution. In this case, as we would care for our self more, the emotion behind the trigger would dissipate and our new choices would simultaneously serves as an example for that family member.

So back to the political considerations this week, I will remind anyone anywhere, that the government, the President/leader doesn’t change any country. The people/consciousness of the country changes first, then we get the altruistic leaders who reflect that. I will go so far as to say the entire structure of the current systems and notion of leaders would naturally be revamped. I believe that is the direct result of our willingness to step into our own best selves. Taking responsibility for the aspects of our personal self and well-being to the best of our ability. Offering the most to and of ourselves and finding alternative and creative ways to meet our desires and needs outside of the constructs of current systems. Receiving injustice as an opportunity to move around the structures that are holding in rigidity and creating brand new ones that work better for us and ultimately those around us.


Imagine a world in which we encouraged ourselves and others to self-empowerment as the norm. This isn’t working? Okay, how do I make it work for me? In doing so, I set examples for how that may work better for my neighbor, my community and my planet.


So… what is your trigger today? And more importantly, what is your first step toward your solution? You had the power all along. And it’s clear, we sure ain’t in Kansas any more. xx

1ove <3


If you are finding yourself desiring greater clarity as you navigate your life and would like to connect for a one-on-one session, I would consider it my privilege and look forward to hearing from you.

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