Monday Momtra “When Serendipity is Delivered”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 8/7/2017.

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

The cosmic hand is dealing out an extremely powerful month for us this August. If you are curious, you can read up more on the impact of the astrological alignments that we are currently experiencing. We have a lunar eclipse/full moon In Aquarius today and then a full solar eclipse on the 21st of this month. Traditionally speaking, full moons represent a clearing out, with eclipse energy triggering an even more profound removal. This doubled up purge is occurring in conjunction with several planets currently in retrograde (including Mercury, which triggers review and reflection). Let’s just say it’s quite the little cosmic cocktail. Whether or not you resonate with the impact of astrological influences as an energetic facilitator in the flow of your life or not, you can be assured you are not alone if you find yourself experiencing a profoundness that feels..well, powerfully serendipitous. Sometimes it really is that big. It can remind us beyond a doubt that there is a greater force involved in the flow and unfoldment of our lives. Magic manifest in order to nudge us in a different direction or even issue a major course correction on our behalf.

I truly feel the energies this month will be calling most of us to a major “returning/reconciliation” or a “redirection/release” with something(s) very significant to us related to our past… but also just as vital to our future. Depending on where we are being called within our particular “spirals” of growth, the current and upcoming energies will be available to assist us in discerning which type of “purge” we will be engaging in to ensure our best next place to be. A purge of past, outdated beliefs, wounds and shadows which will allow us to connect in new, healthier and more balanced ways to people, situations or circumstances…or a new perspective of our past experiences which will allow us to disconnect from certain people, situations or patterns from our past or present (which have been locked in distorted beliefs or behavior) with a clarity and closure that has, until now, eluded us. It holds the potential to be a game changer, whichever it is.

Either path we feel drawn toward, will be for the purpose of our journey into deeper connection with ourselves and our truths. For the benefit of not only ourselves, but the greatest good of all. The potential for deeper healing of our own hearts which will then be reflected in our relationships within the world around us. A rebirth of relationship (both inside and out) in one form or another.


Like a spiral, this universe gifts us with the opportunity to gain new perspectives through confronting recurring situations, issues, patterns, unconscious archetypes and belief systems. Sometimes with the same people and within the same circumstances. Sometimes with a different set of players on the stage, but all holding the same potential for higher realizations and ultimately growth. The themes keep coming back around until we receive what we are supposed to receive from it.


Sometimes we just get it. A divine clarity is revealed, a last straw or maybe a new experience which offers the needed vantage point. However it is delivered, once that awareness infiltrates our consciousness… it’s there. We reach a confrontation point with our personal dissonance and walk through a new doorway which involves a “leaving behind” as we “enter the new”. Not a moment before we are really ready and never too late, we free ourselves with a knowing.


When we shift inside, everything by default shifts outside. Proportionately. Sometimes those shifts are subtle…and sometimes they are significant.


When things shift and reshuffle, we set a new default in our lives. Kind of like getting our “sea legs,” it may take a little time to feel our way through. But we just do it and it gets easier with each step.


We make an aware choice to hold it- our newness and growth. Taking the needed time to integrate it. To really be it. This becomes our new default. Our new launching pad for who and what we now are in our life experience.

Just a heads up…this month may feel like a doozy. When your serendipity arrives it may feel beautiful, tragic or maybe both. Whatever it may be, I want to remind you (and it’s as much a note to self as anything else ; )… that you are brave enough to stand in it. Marvel with it. Welcome it.

Bring your gratitude to the auspiciousness. Then receive or reconsider. Release or maybe revel. Redo…or possibly just remove.

Whatever your new resolve, live it with the best of you. Be courageous.

Let others see you. Because the magic shows up to the extent we do. Our serendipity is being delivered. It is paradoxically asking us:


…”do you have the eyes to SEE ME?”


And the answer won’t be “yes,” until we have the vulnerability and humility to first have the eyes to see ourselves. This month the universe is holding up the mirror for us, big time. Whose brave enough to take a long, hard look?

1ove <3


If you would like to connect for a one-on-one session as you navigate your journey of self-discovery, I would consider it my privilege and look forward to hearing from you.

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