Monday Momtra “The Roller Coaster Ride to Balance”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 7/3/2017.

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As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

To know me, is to know my overuse of the word “paradox”. Over the past several years I have really begun to realize that so much of the serendipity of my life is wrapped up in this experience of contradictory perspectives that hold as much truth as they do opposition. I would go so far as to consider that, both individually and collectively, our authentic point of liberated perspective and personal power is found in seeking these points of paradox within our experience. Understanding that very few things are either/or, black/white…and yet as we form personal opinions and make individualized choices…we can’t avoid living in just that capacity. We filter the vast into the finite. The infinite into the linear. The paradox within the paradox, I suppose. But it is through actually living the paradox of our various life experiences, that we come to understand that endings simultaneously equal new beginnings. We can’t risk love without also risking pain. To every rule exists the exception. And that physical and metaphorical death is the catalyst for rebirth. All of these and the other serendipities that create a simple, yet layered…beautiful and tragic play of life.  And somehow through that awareness and acknowledgment, we find a freedom to accept (maybe even embrace ; ) life as it was intended. And within that acceptance discover the power our intention, focus, and choice holds from that perspective.

When we consider this razor’s edge between these seemingly polarized extremes, we can begin to more easily understand what can feel like a wild roller coaster ride that often ensues on the way to this paradoxical perspective. And this point of perspective? Maybe in this paradox lies a balance different from the more traditional definitions we consider. Different from the “balance” denoting impartiality or evenly assigned weight of mental and emotional burdens…this is instead a balance of totality. The sum of all of it. Every last bit. A perspective that strives to be fully aware instead of fully fair.

As we enter this month of July, many may feel like they are clinging for dear life to the safety bar in their coaster cart. So many issues, personally and globally, have risen to the surface. An energetic vortex of which came first, the chicken or the egg? And the answer, I would feel, is it doesn’t matter. The result is that many belief systems, mental constructions and emotional patterns have surfaced in both individual and collective ways. We can’t change the world without changing ourselves. We can’t change ourselves without then seeing that reflected back in the world.

The paradox in this massive upheaval that we are now witnessing is what I feel is part of the wild roller coaster ride, very ironically, to a better balance. This point of paradox, which within it contains deeper awareness, understanding, self-actualization, authenticity, as well as personal and collective responsibility. A call for the desolation of dissonance.  The paradox found in seeking a more balanced, altruistic world which will come through experiencing the opposite, like so many other things in this life.

I truly believe that we have individually and collectively decided to take an evolutionary leap. That many of the ways of our lives and this world are not the best of what is to be had. They never are though, are they? We are always a work in progress. When you know better, you do better. You “be” better. And so begins the wild swing of the energetic pendulum from one side to the other. And then back and forth. Swinging to extremes until its slowing momentum will eventually allow it to settle back into balance.

With everything. Everything from relationships, social issues and constructs, environmental concerns, politics, religion, financial/economic systems and international relations is seeking a new point of balance. Hold witness to the truth in the paradox of all of it. This will offer you peace through understanding as you watch things unfold that must unfold…because it’s part of the process of evolving. Take the steps that you feel you personally need to take to come into alignment with your highest self along the way. Self-responsibility is the key. Then eventually the momentum of that pendulum will slow. But first, we must see the injustice to know it and resolve it. Experience the dissonance to become aware of it and dissolve it.  Hold on to your hats! This roller coaster will eventually pull into the gate. If you remember that, it may be easier to embrace the ride.

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