Monday Momtra “Power Revealed”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 3/27/2017.

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

As we settle into spring, the metaphorical aspect feels especially strong this year. A prophetic combination of world events triggering deeper pause in the status quo as our souls are called into higher perspectives. Fertile underlying energetics supporting the rise of awareness in the collective consciousness. A call to shed and shake off the old and to plant our feet firmly in the new. What’s unavoidable is the old (beliefs, structures, ways of being) has to continue to crumble for the new to be revealed. On the world stage as well is in our personal lives.

The spell of deeply rooted complacency is lifting one person at a time. Each individual awakening in awareness, joining in the shared perspective with like-minded others to reveal our collective power.



We have all heard “Your vibe attracts your tribe”. Just as importantly, our tribe amplifies and radiates that vibe.


The traditional patriarchal power structures and systems are being met with a growing assertion: Just because “we have always done things that way” or things exist a certain way now, isn’t a pass anymore to continue on like “business as usual”.


No longer just the brave few to challenge outdated constructs. The few are turning into the many. It is time to let go. Extreme spring cleaning. The stuff that’s just not working or doesn’t make sense any more. The things that insult our soul and our inner sense of knowing. The things that suppress our individuality, freedom and creativity. Let it go by planting our new awareness’s and then allowing our feet to follow.

Plant your feet in the soil of peace and acceptance. Plant your feet where you can give and receive love and honor others in doing the same. Your feet will be planted firmly in the ominous uncertainty and excitement of a destined season of change.



An evolutionary leap. If you’re finding it challenging…just a reminder that endings simultaneously equal new beginnings. Our realities shift because they are supposed to. Waking up from a lifetime of conditioning, we are remembering that we are made from love. Our essence demands authenticity and craves freedom. And the manifestation of our outside worlds must reveal itselft by default.

As I discussed in my blog last week, Drop Your Masks, we are in the perpetual process of aligning with the integrity of our soul. The bigger our leaps in awareness, the more we typically feel the “catch-up” of our inevitable alignment. We are called into very real changes in our physical reality as a result of the reshuffling of our soul awareness. We can simultaneously feel the peace of discovering deeper integrity and also then anxiety; our excitement filtered through our fear of now experiencing the process of that manifesting in our outer worlds.

I would like to share a channeling of mine that feels relevant right now. It speaks very much to what many of us may be currently feeling and experiencing:

“Love, wisdom and power. Many of us are moving into the conscious awareness that it is now time to integrate the wisdom of our spirit, the love in our hearts, and the power of our full presence.

Power is gentle and strong. It is the way of a loving heart because it is, in a sense, the heart actualized in its value. Your value is immense and so is the value of all others. Nature. All of life and existence.

Do not doubt the importance of establishing your own sovereignty through your choices and the personal boundaries you need to set for your own well being. It is not for you to explain or rationalize to others but rather to be personified. Your steadfast nature  exists in this power that holds a timeless quality and will illuminate a way of being for others. It is necessary to anchor power as a means of pulling the most expansive aspects of love and wisdom into this physical plane. Anchor it deep into the earth. From this core, the intentions of many will be felt and result in a foundation for a world that reflects not only a desire for, but a balance of, these three lights: love, wisdom and power. Imagine a world in which power is as gentle and strong as water and not as a gun. Anchor that truth”.

Remind yourself that you love to love. That you are worthy. Remind others who they are too. That they are capable of immense love and acceptance. Let’s remind each other we are so much more the same than we are different. We are really all in this together. The next month, for many, I feel will prove to be significant in reflection. Anchoring truths which are claiming their manifestation.

1ove <3


If you would like to connect for a one-on-one session as you navigate your journey of self-discovery, I would consider it my privilege and look forward to hearing from you.

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