Monday Momtra “The Momentum in Tipping Your Domino”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 7/10/2017.

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

At the start of this year I made a commitment to myself. I committed to launching the Momtra site, creating a weekly blog, pulling quotes from that blog and putting them into meme posters (which I also create) and posting 5 days a week on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and email out to anyone who is interested. I made myself available for coaching others going through similar journeys; seeking support and reflection.

I made this promise to myself because I knew I had things I wanted to express. Things that began to bubble up inside of me to the point of overflowing. I made a promise to myself because of the people I witnessed who were making and keeping promises to themselves. The people who were showing up on a consistent and regular basis and talking out loud about the things they were experiencing. Their self-discovery and personal growth. Shifts in their consciousness. A new perspective about themselves and the world in which they lived. The world in which we all live. The people whom I connected with that made me feel less alone. The people who bravely shared their perspectives and made me feel less crazy. Because I was experiencing the same things. Part of the reason (a big part) I made this promise to myself…was out of gratitude.

Lots of weeks I don’t have a lot of energy left over. I am navigating my own life issues and opportunities for growth. Sometimes I would rather look away from the soul stuff or just ask it all to go on a hiatus. But then I remember that there is no separation between me and the soul stuff. It’s life- there is no more escaping from “myself”. And this was the year. I promised myself I would show up with it all the best I could. I could feel the pull of integrating the talkin’ with the walkin’. To be more open and vulnerable with what I am experiencing for the benefit of what others may be experiencing. The most consistently I am able. And when I remind myself of that? Somehow my most current thoughts find their way to the page before Monday morning.

Some of these people I have had the privilege (and blessing) of meeting in “real” life. Really…it has felt just relieving. Pieces to a previously scattered puzzle. For lack of a better description…a breath of “home” that I didn’t know I was missing until I encountered it. Some I have never met but consider family. Soul family. Confirmation of a greater connection that really is just beyond time, space and even words many times.

For this week’s Momtra blog, I want to thank you. I want to thank you for connecting. I want to thank you for being committed to your own personal growth and spiritual awakening. Yeah, you wouldn’t have signed up for my mailing list if you weren’t. Please, know how grateful I am. How truly grateful I am that you are there with yourself…which puts you here, reading this right now. Because this is how the tip of an energetic domino moves. I’m not the first domino. And I certainly won’t be the last. You and I are part of this very, very significant experience we call “life”. And from the depths of my soul, I believe we are in the midst of “growing” up…”waking” up. Nothing short of a prophetic opportunity to make things…better. A leap of evolution. More benevolent. Merging the higher aspect of our souls and the innocent spirit with which we came into our very existence… into these very human bodies. Shedding all the crazy, insane, nonsensical systems, conditioning and busyness that distorts and distracts us for who we really are. The things of the “world” that are just not the things of the soul.

When we become aware…when we become aware of others who are aware, we change it. We change the priorities. We change the lifegame. And that feels good. Actually. It feels freakin’ amazing.

And that is important, hugely important. Because as one soul inspires the next, we keep it going. We trigger the questions and considerations and support the ensuing “ soul work”. We let ourselves topple over and connect with the next domino. Because that’s just how we reach the next…and the next. And once it’s in motion, well, there really ain’t no stoppin’ it. Thank you again for being part of the motion.

Also, stay tuned…coming soon is the Momtra “Mid-Week Check-In”- a chance to connect weekly virtually/online and to ask questions, share your thoughts and discuss the topics I put out in my blogs. We will also discuss current events and how it applies to our evolving spirituality and consciousness. Another way to tip that domino! 😉

1ove <3


If you would like to connect for a one-on-one session as you navigate your journey of self-discovery, I would consider it my privilege and look forward to hearing from you.

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