Monday Momtra “Your Life IS Your Full-time Job”.  By Tiffany Sara Taylor 6/5/2017.

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

With the current status of the world, you may be feeling a reassessment of your place within it. Uncertain external circumstances (whether globally or even just personally) can certainly bring us into a state of reflection. Check-points. There have been several “check-points” in my life in which I recall being acutely aware of examining my priorities related to how I was structuring the big picture of it all, as well as my daily existence. Reconciling different..and really significant pieces in the manner that made the best sense to me at the time. Some that come to mind immediately- decisions regarding my vocation. Marriage…and divorce. Having children. Reconciling a career with motherhood. All with lots of deep underlying currents fed by the subcultures of socioeconomics, religious beliefs, and the communities in which I resided.

Upon reflection, the irony of those same experiences is that they held just as many pieces that seemed to move in spite of me. The serendipity of this life- the intertwining of the mundane and the magical. Our awareness and our unconscious. Our free will and our destiny. Somehow weaving a tapestry of experience designed to trigger our deepest pleasure and pain. All of it beckoning us deeper into the paradox of knowing and self-curiosity. Empowerment and surrender. Mastery and growth.

Over the past decade my personal curiosity regarding every bit of these types of consideration has ripped through the veil of superficiality. Underneath, revealing pressing questions about true existential purpose. Everything from the structure of our lives as a collective society, to my individual choices within that and how it interplay’s.



Triggering a deep desire within me to navigate past what the structures around me defined as my labyrinth before I was even born.



Peeling back one definition and label after the next in pursuit of the pure space which contains just me and the vast space of creation from which I came forth.


The core entanglement which sparked the entirely of my life experience.


Our view through the eyes of divine perspective. In that place of perspective the idea of all the boxes and compartments in which we typically segment our lives just dissolves for me. There…the purpose is connected with communion and integration of inner truth rather than any particular external hallmark.


Some examples of what I feel does not exist in that perspective:

  1. Clocking in and out of a job we hate and living for the weekend.
  2. Claiming a religious construct in theory and proclamation, but not in personal resonance and integration with our daily lives.
  3. Trading hours of our lives to work for things. And then newer things, and then more things.
  4. Definitions of success that focus on complicity and social acceptance set forth by external organizations and constructs.
  5. Expecting our children to comply with the same constructs. Just because we did. And our parents did. And their parents did.
  6. Continuing to do anything just because we think “we have to”.


These types of realizations reveal our unconscious separation from the sensibility of our souls. From our soul perspective, the constructs we have willingly developed for our lives can appear absolutely absurd.



But through these awakenings to higher perspective, we also realize that our free will and personal power lie within the tapestry of this experience. We can decide. We can reclaim sanity. We can reclaim priority. We can reclaim true satisfaction and gratitude. Not overnight. But one new and different choice at a time.




Coming into this awareness and subsequent power is certainly not the easiest thing. But it is just as certainly the path to the most soul fulfilling things. The things of success often not judged as such by this world in which we live.


Often we fall into the trap of segmenting ourselves into all of these separate pieces/personas to suit the different hats we wear within our life experience. When we do this, we scatter our soul essence. We lose site of the core of who we are because we are picking up and dropping masks throughout our day to meet the particular situation. But what if instead, we met the entirety of our days just as we are? Can we do that?


Maybe the better question is…why don’t we do that?

Integrating all of these segments of our lives usually means change. And usually change against the grain of “normal”. People and circumstances shift. It may mean we enter new vocations, ones that fill us with more joy or keep us closer to our homes and families. It may mean we bring our attention to shifting how we approach the situations we are already in. It may mean our life naturally takes on a new shape as a result of those new realizations and priorities that trigger the different choices altogether. But it does mean we start to align the pieces of our lives and our selves. Who we are, the way in which we choose to live, and our livelihoods begin to merge.

So, our purpose in this life? I feel it is to design an authentic, integrated experience. That is our full-time job. Unpacking all of our separate boxes and setting up home. The thing we may call our “full-time job” right now I would challenge is an overall extension of who we are…does it fit? Or are you trading your precious life force to something that feels meaningless to you. Claiming the opportunity to align our life and our livelihood is a significant aspect of integrating an expanding conscious awareness. With the most important job commitment which we could ever accept waiting for our “go”…following our heart full-time.

1ove <3


If you would like to connect for a one-on-one session as you navigate your journey of self-discovery, I would consider it my privilege and look forward to hearing from you.

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