Monday Momtra “Just Get Uncomfortable”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 2/13/2017

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

Are you comfortable? We sure want to be. We really, really want those around us to be. Why is that?

“Comfort” is in an interesting emotional state.

It can feel like we are in a perpetual cycle of chasing it. Like the bunny hopping after the dangling carrot. Only to have realizations that once we arrive in these moments of perceived comfort, it can very quickly give way to boredom. Restlessness. And then even snowball into apathy if left unattended. None of which tend to lend themselves to a very inspiring or fruitful life.



However, the state of “comfort” can feel… safe. Or can it?

Not to be confused with the security that we feel when enveloped in appreciation, faith or trust.


The emotional state of camouflaged comfort I am referring to is the cousin of avoidance and a false sense of security.

The offspring of obligation and conformity. The complacency that permeates this state of comfort is a shield against deeper levels of stress and pain.


And ironically, the truest and most amazing aspects of ourselves, as well.

The ongoing soul work involved in facing ourselves and who we are becoming.

The challenges and the rewards.

All the things that come forth when we turn to face our misalignment. The dissonance that is calling us to come back into balance. Generally through experiences outside of our current comfort zone.

An ongoing cycle of growth and reconciliation.

Maybe herein lies the truest challenge of our life’s journey. Can we muster the courage to move through to the other side of all that icky, sticky, awkward vulnerability? To surrender to our moments and seasons of discomfort?

Or will we settle for a lifetime of complacency and call it comfortable…

Can we get uncomfortable enough to keep up with our own evolution? And in doing so, discover for ourselves, the limitless potential for growth and creativity that exists inside of each one of us.

Everyday each of us are engaged in the ebb and flow of facing our newest realizations.

We are in a constant state of both being and becoming.

Seeking new balance and assimilation with our changing beliefs and perspectives brought forth by our individual and collective life experience.

If we make a conscious choice to surrender to the never-ending process of our “becoming”, we start to more easily accept that there will be times of crazy uncomfortable. And we learn to welcome those times (although still sometimes reluctantly) with appreciation. Because we come to know the gift found in moving into it.

Our discomfort is an emotional signal from our higher self to catch up with and further unleash our newest potential.

The alternative no longer feels acceptable. Avoiding our discomfort altogether in exchange for a false sense of peace in our complacency suddenly feels like the death of our soulspark while still physically living.


Navigating our discomfort moves us into our personal integrity, every time. When our soul, our actions, and our behavior are all functioning in alignment, we feel most whole and complete. This integrity is found only in living our personal truth, not somebody else’s. And often this is not easy because others use our behavior as a crutch for their own sense of security.


Our human aspect always just exists now, in this moment.

And our soul, or the eternally evolving aspect of our “self,” is ever growing, reaching, expanding and evolving.

And herein lies the ebb and flow of the comfortable and uncomfortable.

We are living in a constant state of both being and becoming.

Questions to ask to begin challenging your comfort zone:

  1. What conditions do I identify with achieving a state of comfort?
  2. Why do I identify those conditions as necessary for my comfort?
  3. Where did I learn that those conditions are what brings me comfort?
  4. What experiences have taught me to define comfort in that way?
  5. In what ways do I feel obligated to bring comfort to others?
  6. How do I typically respond when I feel uncomfortable?
  7. How do I typically respond when I feel someone else is uncomfortable?


Coming back into alignment with our integrity and authenticity is satisfying. We feel whole again. In moving through our discomfort we find our integrity. The balance point of our soul.

Our beliefs, actions, and words seek perpetual balance. You may find it helpful to think of your discomfort as the bread trail to deeper personal truth and actualization. It is a gentler form of nudging from the universe to bring things up to speed than the more dramatic life events which can serve as sudden catalysts for self-examination and change. Challenge yourself to move through the uncomfortable and burst through your complacency. Discomfort is a flag to attract your attention. Catch momentum. Begin to find security in growth versus stagnancy.  Our lives are either manifesting through our awareness or to gain our awareness.  Either is a gift.


I am personally finding that I meet the most of myself in my uncomfortable moments, my dissonance. The razor’s edge where my current beliefs intersect with the deeper knowing which resides in my heart.

In the battle for your authenticity, your “realness” will always win out over your sense of perceived obligations.

Like a caterpillar that senses there is no way out other than submitting to a metamorphosis, allow the transformation of discomfort to call you into its cocoon. There are some beautiful wings waiting for you on the other side.

1ove <3


If you would like to connect for a one-on-one session as you navigate your journey of self-discovery, I would consider it my privilege and look forward to hearing from you.

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