Monday Momtra “Our Home Is In Each Other”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 9/4/2017.

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

Well, it ain’t called “the power of the human spirit” for nothin’. In the midst of iconic storms in both the United States and India this week, both the compassion and resiliency of the human spirit was once again triggered by tragedy. And it showed itself to be magnificent.

It is always so interesting to me how all experiences hold that capacity… for both beauty and pain. The very experience of life lending itself to this never ending story line of paradox. The need to “live our way” into deeper understanding and serendipity.

I considered a few things about our human condition this week:

  1. Our home is in each other. Material possessions, lifestyles, social structures and routines can be swept away in a moment. What’s in our hearts remains. And what’s in our hearts is other people.
  2.  Love is salvation. Salvation is love. Truly, heaven is in grasp, through our compassion.
  3.  To believe that we need is just as precarious as believing that we don’t need. Many would assert that the journey of life is designed to actualize ourselves. And I happen to believe there is truth in that. I also happen to believe that the journey itself is not actualized without inter-connectivity with other people.
  4.  Trade the need for a particular story for the beauty of the actual experience. The experiences of life hold the capacity for understanding and growth because of the paradox they hold.
  5.  Our humanity does not disconnect us from divinity but is our living gateway. Our humanness isn’t our disconnection from a higher power, it is our means of remembering that we were never disconnected to begin with.

As another major storm churns over the Atlantic as I write this, with my “home” in the possible path, I am reminded that wind and rain, it comes….and goes.

May we all be reminded that this moment, every moment, holds the potential for all of life’s experiences. And the waves, they will keep coming. And home…well, we are always home. Wherever that may be right now. Wherever we may be tomorrow. We are all home. We never left.


1ove <3


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