Monday Momtra “We Have Some Grieving To Do”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 8/14/2017.

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

Quite the week, right? More collective craziness…In America, escalating concerns over North Korea, dismay over riots in Charlottesville, Virginia. And I am willing to guess it has been a wee bit angsty in your personal experiences as well?…as has been mine.

We currently have 6 planets in retrograde and an extremely powerful solar eclipse fast approaching on August 21st. To summarize, the energies this approaching week I feel are providing a huge opportunity to continue to realize, review…and release themes related to ways of perceiving and being that just no longer serve us in the way we relate to others and life in general. The ways in which we relate to those in our personal lives and the world around us.

Fear and control cannot co-exist with love. Love is compassion and appreciation. One of my favorite teachers, Caroline Myss, encourages us to be brave enough to ask:


 “I need to know the prayers I’m afraid to say”.


I love this.

Let that soak in for a minute. That request? It’s about is real as it gets. The bravery to ask that? Well, it’s scary as hell…but it’s time. This week, I am praying for fear to be my teacher. And yeah. Like I said. That. It’s scary as hell.

In praying for my peace and sanity. For the peace and sanity of the world…I desire to be prepared for the answers when they come. I deisre to accept my journey in that. I desire to accept my personal responsibility.  I choose to accept that it is utter madness to expect my worlds to change…if I do not confront the depths of my personal need for change… first.

There is not an individual person or “collective group” that I can consider that has not endured some sort of trauma, drama, suffering or injustice…from their perspective. I get it. I am not marginalizing anyone’s experience. It is for many generational. And it’s relative. And at the end of the day….it’s as real as it IS for whatever that person or group is experiencing. And that is what is important.


There is room for all of it to be acknowledged for the purpose of healing and better tomorrows. That’s what we all want, right?

So now? We have some mindful grieving to do. To deeply acknowledge, release, soften and shift. In doing so, we create a space for connection to enter where division had previously set up camp.

What I have learned is that my mourning is ultimately between me and me.

When we project our mourning onto whoever we experienced as our perpetrator(s),we continue the cycle of unconsciously inflicting and transferring our pain onto others. Hurt people quite simply, hurt people. The biggest bullies are the most injured souls. This knowledge empowers us with a choice. I am not saying it’s always an easy one (usually it is anything but), but we do have a choice to start taking the extremely brave responsibility for confronting, healing and releasing our pain for ourselves. Instead of projecting, avoiding or lamenting in it…we work through it. We move to the other side. Setting the example. And yes, we all have pain.

Does this excuse the behavior of others? Nope. And unfortunately, the hard truth is that it doesn’t excuse ours either.

But it frees us from it through a different perspective of understanding. It empowers us to our next choice. If we choose to face our hurts and pains…to feel, stand as witness and validator to ourselves, we are the gatekeeper of our ability to then… let it go. AND it is truly the very best example we can set for others to do the same. Your growth is the template for the growth of everyone around you, and everyone around them…and so is the butterfly effect of your commitment to your healing and conscious growth.

It frees us to move powerfully out into this world with compassion, but from a healed perspective, not one driven by unconscious pain. Claiming a new way of being because it’s eternally “just” and not because we have to push against the unjust. There is a difference.

This also frees us to change what we can. To work through to the bottoms of our own personal fears…because let’s face it, the cause of any hate is fear. The fear that creates the conflict in our personal and collective realities. And then our reactions to these crazy events begets the fear, that further begets more fear, and on it goes.

Once we work down into our own healing, it does extend beyond the mourning in our heart to a collective mourning. The injustices we experience personally serve as a grid of connection to others who experience injustice. We morn and release for a greater collective experience.

And to marginalize anyone’s experience in that? Why would we do that? Let’s acknowledge every little bit of it.

Heal it all. ALL of it.


Our freedom is found in getting to know ourselves and then learning to love what we find. When we come to know that we can accept both our light and dark, we begin to know our free will. We begin to realize that every last one of us holds the same capacities…and within that understanding is born a greater compassion for everyone, as well as a greater awareness of who WE are choosing to be. Are we building bridges (even in the most challenging of situations) or building walls? Are we seeking to understand or condemn? Me. You. We have to get honest and real with ourselves…first.

My free will is born from discovering who I am and just as importantly, who I am not.

Figure out how to find your way into a compassionate faith when moving about in this world. One that faces the fears as they present. Giving more love, not less. Giving into the fear is the cause of hate. Work through your fears because then you can be a giver of love…even in the face of that fear. Love the literal and figurative hell out of your fears and the fears of others.

Five For Fighting, “What If I Were You”.

What if I had your heart

What if you wore my scars

How would we break down

What if you were me

What if I were you

What if you told my lies

What if I cried with your eyes

Could anyone keep us down

What if you were me

What if I were you

What if all that it took to save our lives

Together was to rise up

What if your life was my life

Can we love what we don’t know?


And what if I were you


1ove <3


If you would like to connect for a one-on-one session as you navigate your journey of self-discovery, I would consider it my privilege and look forward to hearing from you.

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