Monday Momtra “Good Morning! Awaken”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 11/13/2017.

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

Each day, we awaken in a very physical sense. Each day, we awaken in a very meta-physical sense, as well. Or at least that has been my experience. Upon reflection, I truly cannot think of a day of my life that didn’t offer the opportunity and potential to refresh my perspective. An offering to be in awe of the new, beyond just a physical day. I realize that it has always been my choice to welcome that…or push it away. I recognize that there are times that it may just hold too much light or too much information to be captured on the tail of my most recent slumber. 😉 Or maybe I can handle just a bit. But…I have also realized that at some point…I perk up and am ready for it. Simply…because the day awaits.

I invite you to consider a few things about awakening today. You may have to shake off that lingering slumber a bit, first…but when you’re ready:


  1. Do you value growth? No…really. Do you really value it? My experience has been that the more that I value growth, the more it challenges all the beliefs I hold that resist it. And really? That can get tricky. But in the end it’s…ya know, growth.


  1. Across religious texts and spiritual doctrine, the notion of being born to the “new” is universal. The very cycles of nature and our human biology support the idea that this is not just a one and done experience. Everything holds the capacity for infinity in one form or another.


  1. How is it that we personally grow? How is it that our perception of the world and our life experiences grows?


  1. You are in every “literal” sense the catalyst for others to awaken in the very “metaphysical” sense. You cause others to awaken not with your words, but who you are today, with how you choose to be.


  1. Your words are powerful only to the extent that your existence truly validates them, not just in action, but in essence. Action can be motivated by many reasons. Essence is intrinsic to our very existence in this moment.


So, I wish you a good morning! I am glad to see you are awakening today. And I am excited for both you and me to witness that again and again as we continue to wipe that sleepiness from our eyes…hearts and souls. And this is important because? Well, this life…this world? We really only experience it for what it is when we awaken from our slumbers.

1ove <3


If you would like to connect for a one-on-one session as you navigate your journey of self-discovery, I would consider it my privilege and look forward to hearing from you.

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