Monday Momtra “Drop Your Masks”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 3/20/2017.

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

Nothing changes on the outside until we change on the inside.

Most of us have heard that a thousand times. And if we take it to heart, I am certain that we have grown in our awareness to understand that what is going on inside of us is literally influencing the reality existing outside of us. That we don’t really exist at the mercy of the world, but in co-creation with it.

Today is the spring equinox. A fresh new cycle in nature. Renewal. An amazing day to dust off our thoughts and perspectives. Many people may feel intuitively pulled toward change. But consider for a moment… withdrawing any “desire” for change on the inside as we move forward. What would it look like instead if we just became more aware of our inner being? Increasing our awareness (and releasing our resistance) to who we actually are?

What if our perspective regarding our outer reality better serves us when we consider less about who and where we “think” we want to be and focus more on where we actually are right now?

Stopping to ask, who we even are. What would it take to love and accept ourselves.



Just as we are today.


To bravely be…just that very person.


Where does that come from?


It comes from our ability to be not only honest, but deeply vulnerable with ourselves. Which also means deeply vulnerable with others.

Our vulnerability is our point of connection with our inner self and others. Anytime we hide at all behind who we are not, we are only connecting with the same. We connect with who and what we are not in our external reality. In essence our false masks or persona, draws in the matched false mask or persona in another person or circumstance. It’s our psyche’s way of gaining our own attention. When you wear a mask over your soul, you will attract others into your life wearing the same masks over their souls. And what a masquerade ball it is.

Typically we then have the audacity to be mad about it (insert giggle). It’s okay, we all do it, I’m certainly laughing at myself too. But it really is so ironic when we see it for what it is. Many times we are frustrated with others for not being who we thought they were, for not behaving in ways we think they should. We expect them to change. First. And the hard truth of it is…have we even asked that of ourselves? Are we who we say we are?

It’s not the easiest of reflections to consider (especially for our egos). But it is also certainly one of the most valuable built- in mechanisms for growth with which this universe provides us. A feedback loop to assess our own sense of self-love and acceptance. Our own self-awareness and willingness to really “put out there” the truth of ourselves.

Consider that the reward for coming into greater peace and acceptance with who we are is innately reinforced. We call forth that which we truly desire and can connect with it with greater ease…because it resonates with our deepest truths. It not only allows us to be enveloped in a life that honors what we honor, but also to move more easily into challenges and fears with honesty, thus receiving genuine support and encouragement in reflection.


We have to be real, to “get” real.


Whenever you suppress your truth for the perceived benefit of another, you initiate dominoes of in-authenticity which leads nowhere good. We wear these masks and engage with the “others” in masks which results in a mental, emotional and energetic tug of war designed to pull us right back to confronting ourselves anyway.  When we resist the re-balancing of these energetics it can manifest as a lot of blame, guilt, desperation and/or manipulation.


The joy of connection and resonance begins each time through our willingness to be vulnerable.


We start to understand the benefit and bravery in NOT putting our best foot forward, but in putting ourselves out in this world exactly as we are right now. And sometimes that is just really scary. It is the naked truth of us. We can feel very exposed because the purity of who we are never originates behind the protections of our minds. It flows straight from our hearts and souls. And that rawness…is vulnerability.

We start asking who that “heart and soul essence” really is. We start asking how we live out of obligation…and how we live out of joy.  I have been reminded many times over, that my joy requires me to be true to myself.

As we become braver in baring our souls, we begin to attract the experiences that really match our souls. Until then we will continue to see reflections of our own misaligned beliefs and conditioning.

Conscious and unconscious.

All to wake us up to our power of belief, perspective and choice. Don’t vanquish your soul to the shadows in order to belong. To be comfortable. That cost is too great for something that is priceless. And the irony is you will be the one preventing yourself from the true rewards.

Your vulnerability is the bridge to everything real, good and meaningful that life has to offer.

Surrender doesn’t just mean you trust life.

It means you trust yourself in life.

You have faith and acceptance in who you are. When we keep up with our own truth, magic happens. We live in freedom of soul. We can’t expect to dream and then hide behind it and expect it to manifest. We have to stand raw and exposed in it to call forth its reflection in our physical reality.

Radiate your soul and watch what beams back.

If we are willing to face and expose our vulnerabilities, we will form connections with people willing to do the same.  Those connections are authentic. Those connections hold the highest capacity for growth. To be witnessed and known may be the purest of gifts to be given and received.

We always understand each other better when we are more vulnerable. We soften our resistance and make room for acceptance. As we make choices to move into that space, we give energetic permission for others to meet us there.

I promise you that who you really are is so much more interesting than anybody you think you’re supposed to be. So next time you consider change also maybe just consider getting to know that person in the mirror a little better first. Before you decide she needs to be any different. Just maybe the biggest change lies in knowing ourselves better. A transformation of our awareness. Sometimes all the change we need comes from having the honest vulnerability to see and love what was always just right in front of us, but hiding in shadows.

1ove <3


If you would like to connect for a one-on-one session as you navigate your journey of self-discovery, I would consider it my privilege and look forward to hearing from you.

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