Monday Momtra “Courageous Integrity”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 4/10/2017.

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

The interesting thing about this life and all of its experiences is the natural synergy of its design. Our participation is the catalyst for the experience itself. We receive the feelings and realizations that we attach to the experience as a direct result of our engagement. The more fully we show up for it, look around and extend our arms to all being offered, the more opportunities bounce back to facilitate our own actualization.  I discussed in last week’s blog, “Love Sees“, that I feel self-discovery is truly sacred.

This is because our very nature is spiritual. So the more we come to know self, the more we come to know the divine. Our spiritual nature is infinite. Therefore the experiences and understandings at our disposal are equally so.  As we look into our own souls, we expand outwardly through heightened experiences and understandings (what an interesting paradox).



So what really is this “journey” of self-discovery?  What are we really in pursuit of?

I would feel it is actually much more of a path which we are walking than a journey we are taking. Our means of traveling as opposed to the purpose of the travel. Not forging toward any specific destination as much as moving our feet from one stepping stone to the next while taking in the scenery. Walking for the enjoyment of it rather than in pursuit of the destination.

Life itself is the purpose.

The byproduct being what we take in along the way. In the case of our discovery of self, I feel this is finding all of our pieces. All of the parts of us, that make us truly who we are. Our most authentic version. The realest, real of who we are beneath all of the conditions and fears that we also collect along our lifewalk. Our soul-self. The truths and the distortions to be distilled with each step we take. The deeper we move into our own self-connection  and understanding, the more we conversely expand outwardly with the same proportion. The more we REmember our completeness, the more we come into communion with a spiritualism that was never really learned, but was always just present.

Each day we have a choice to walk courageously into our integrity. Maybe best summed up as aligning with new realizations of personal truths. Often this can be very different from the collective belief systems that surround you in your family or community.

But for the purpose of inevitably unhinging us from old paradigms of identity attached to distorted concepts. Misplaced merits embedded in notions such as obligation and sacrifice. Ouch, right? Many of us very deeply believe that obligation and sacrifice are revered. If so, I would encourage you to dig into where those beliefs came from and what that really means for you and those around you. The altruistic aspects of that as well as the shadow side. And there is a huge shadow side to attaching identity and worth to martyrdom. In deepest connection with our souls, we are always seeking the highest good for ourselves and those around us. Often the opportunity to explore different aspects of needs and beliefs only to be discovered by living through them. From a divine view this is the vehicle of expansion, however that doesn’t typically make sense through the narrowed view of a conditioned reality.

Acknowledging our emotional truths and facing the choices that present as a result of new realizations can only be a personal experience, first. It may affect others, but your truth is only found in you- not always resulting in choices and outcomes that others will understand.  But the choices that honor who we are and are deeply rooted in self-honestly, are the highest choices.


It’s the integrity that exists between me and myself.


Our own truth is ultimately our path to divine truth. This has nothing to do with the world or any conditions defined as integrity by the systems and structures of the world. Including religion. Our connection with define truths exists beyond any construct, including those taught to us no matter how well intended. Anything, as with this blog, can offer up considerations, but the truth always resonates from within each individual person.

In an virtual conversation this week I was reminded how vital our personal sovereignty is in fulfilling our life experience. An online friend reflected that we often need to go it alone for a time (whether psychologically, physically or both) to allow ourselves to come into the solitude to know who we even are. To anchor a confident connection with whom we discover ourselves to be outside of who we have been told or convinced we SHOULD be. This very much resonated with me as a truth. A life designed with pivotal opportunities of “alone,” to strengthen our sovereignty sufficiently to evade the further trappings of conformity. We did not come to this earth to be just like everybody else. We came to stand in witness of ourselves, to find more of who we are. To anchor benevolence through our authenticity which honors not only our worth but the worth of all others to be their truest self as well. A true and magnificent tapestry of diversity.


We are provided a huge opportunity as we step from stone to stone on the lifepath. Deciding if the baggage we have picked up along the way is worth carrying with us any longer. Gifting us to ask what patterns and beliefs are sabotaging us from living in our highest integrity. What shifts in our psyche are required to line up with the fullest and most reciprocal life experience? And, yes. Each and everyone one of us is worthy of (and responsible for) a magnificent life. There is nothing unrequited about reciprocity. Yet so much around us conditions us to the opposite. Love, joy and fulfillment are painted like elusive dangling carrots to be captured or released. Given or denied. Typically ruled by unconscious fears of rejection, unworthiness, betrayal and abandonment, many people seem to always just elude feeling satisfied. A distorted and conditional type of love is played out for us in movies as romantic, when it is anything but. All calling us to now see what have been unconscious belief constructs which have been steering our perspective from behind the scenes. Once we start to become aware, we can make choices that facilitate the actualization of higher integrity. Which always begins with us seeing ourselves for all that we are. And then honoring that.  We know when something is “off” for us. We can choose to be mindful and to bravely confront these things as a norm when they come up, or allow denied feelings and emotions to fester until we are forced to face them typically in a state of desperate crisis. Consider that our worth doesn’t come from being needed by other people.  Our worth comes from honoring ourselves. Claiming our wholeness so we don’t require completion in other things, but rather we complement them. And they complement us.


We create healthy intimacy with everyone around us through holding our integrity with ourselves, first. That means being in clear connection with our emotions and needs and feeling worthy of them as well as expressing them to others. This is the foundation of healthy boundaries and the way we relate to our sense of responsibility in all of our relationships. Consider that integrity in relationships has to do with honesty and authenticity as opposed to duty, sacrifice or obligation.

As we move into these understandings, we can then come to REmember. To reintegrate relationship with others in a new way. New and healthier ways of relating to our responsibilities for ourselves and others. Redefining responsibility as this courageous integrity. Knowing ourselves and allowing others to know who we are, innately then giving them the opportunity to discover and respect who they are. Owning and moving into our honesty and intentions and trusting that not only are we strong enough to be vulnerably honest in confronting and resolving issues (no matter how things may ever unfold) but that others are just as capable as well. This is a huge part of how we can support each other in healthy growth and evolution. More fully living life versus stagnating in it. Rewriting the story lines to support much greater fulfillment. Allowing ourselves to really know…that the freedom to peel back the layers of who we are, is a very good thing. A divine thing.


1ove <3


If you would like to connect for a one-on-one session as you navigate your journey of self-discovery, I would consider it my privilege and look forward to hearing from you.

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