Monday Momtra “Bridging Worlds. Spirit Manifest”. By Tiffany Sara Taylor 3/13/2017.

Hello All! <3

As always, I encourage you to discern any considerations I offer against your own inner knowing. We are each on our own journey of self-discovery and what resonates with one soul may not for another.

Some days I am reminded more profoundly, how everything about this life experience is cyclic. Moving to a benevolent rhythm. Big, as well as seemingly small experiences dancing to the perfect beat. Mirrored in the collective consciousness, nature and the greater cosmos. A spiral of perspective-inducing events and considerations that somehow simultaneously both raises and deepens our vantage point from our human perspective.

A full moon in Virgo this past Sunday and the current energies may have many of us feeling like we are swirling back around to the theme of actualization. Stepping into a deeper integration of the higher aspects of our soul with our physical body self. The depth at which we are being called I feel is different for everyone. Very much dependent upon where your individual soul is swirling within this greater wave.  It may feel like passing through a checkpoint. A cycle of time to take inventory and assess how our awareness measures up to our actions. How we walk our talk and talk our walk.

Does our belief in the conceptual really matter if it isn’t reflected in how we are actually living in the world?

How are our conceptual constructs, specifically our spiritual beliefs, integrated into our life?

Do they serve as a form of liberation or escapism?

As we open to greater aspects of our boundless, soul-self, we are given the opportunity to deepen the realization that we are not separate from God. We come into understanding that we exist in the divine as much is it exists in us. We realize that we are intimately connected, not at all separate.



However for many, an interesting paradox develops. Within this connectedness, arises a desire to separate from the physical body. Or to minimize the physical experience, for the sake of basking in the higher-self connection.

In essence recreating the theme of separation, but inside of this expanded awareness.

Once our consciousness has really connected with the spaciousness of spirit, the density of the physical experience can feel confining in comparison.  We can experience a longing to just be pure soul again. To permanently retreat to the field beyond duality and physical form.


I do feel that for many this is a necessary part of the cycles in our collective spiritual rising. As our personal pendulum swings between our new awareness’s and integrations, we confront deeper shadow expressions of themes which we are working to transform. In my experience, our ego and shadow aspects move right on with us as our consciousness ascends. Unresolved aspects then just call out to be resolved at deeper levels and from higher perspectives. Themes playing out from different vantage points and with different words and experiences. All serving to pull us into our integrity and balance over and over through whatever that new vantage point may be.

This is part of the cycle and rhythm…the spiral of never-ending growth and self-discovery.

In the instance of separation, which I feel is a core shadow aspect we all hold for resolution, it manifests in these really significant belief constructs. The gift in duality is coming to know and experience. To witness a polarity in each experience and then through that awareness offer it balance. Even as we spiral higher and higher, it will continue to present from the newest viewpoint.

So how do we move to more fully integrate this aspect?  In particular if we are creating a separation experience by exalting “soul” over “physical form”.



I feel it begins with opening to the awareness that it is common to carry our very third dimensional projections and issues into the awareness of higher dimensional experiences. But to recognize that it is still the same core issues presenting. Just dressed up as different manifestations and maybe we are using a more esoteric vocabulary.


It feels that the bridge to reconcile this divide between the incarnate and higher self is to acknowledge the necessity to allow balanced value to both aspects to feel whole in this life experience.  This very moment of our awareness requires the union of spirit and body to even create the experience we call “life”. The more we are able to integrate the two, the fuller the experience. The heart of NOT integrating is still a shadow of separation. It is still a means of escapism and pain avoidance when we desire to transcend the human form versus merge with it.


This paradigm we currently live in was designed to be one of experience. So in that regard I feel that any idea of transcendence of the physical while we are *alive* is misguided.

My feeling is that we are called to transcend our fear of the experience, not the experience itself.

And that knowing can sometimes be obscured by our shadow.

If it were not for experiences, we would not come to know what we indeed did not.

The more we cling to the way it has always been, the greater the resistance we experience through the waves of evolution. Yet what a sacred and holy place you are standing if your world crumbles at your feet. You are planted in the soil of your own rebirth. Just a really important notion to consider during the times when we do experience the effects of great resistance (and we all have them).

The more significant the experience, the stronger we are being called through the gateway of awareness into deeper actualization of the self. Soul and body alignment.

The zero point between the spiritual and material world.

In whatever way you believe the divine resides in you, then the divine also exists through you.

This expression happens because of your physical being anchoring with it. It is the integration of the two that IS the fulfillment of the life experience.



Soul healing, transformation and actualization isn’t about coming to a place of final answers. It’s about surrendering to there always being greater knowledge and making peace with that. It is ongoing and requires our continued engagement. A commitment to be present and seek perpetual balance.

We can always find an excuse. We can also always find the courage.

The gift in duality is coming to know through experience. To witness a polarity in each experience. And to know that our souls need a body. And our bodies need a soul.

Spirit incarnate. Dream materialized. Vessel of breath. Word in flesh. Walking space fractal. Encapsulated infinity. This body you’re in isn’t a joke. Yet ironically lives to laugh. And what a splendor is that? Your physical form is your literal portal to this life. So embrace it and all if offers you.

We are here now not to move beyond…but to experience this very moment.


1ove <3


If you would like to connect for a one-on-one session as you navigate your journey of self-discovery, I would consider it my privilege and look forward to hearing from you.

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