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Bedtime Momtra

A FREE bedtime guided meditation with frequency-minded music FOR MOTHERS.

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(Headphone play recommended for maximum effect).


5:55  track length

Release the stress of your day and set an intention for a restful night of sleep and rejuvenation.

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Created with the needs of a mother in mind, this guided meditation will assist you in letting go of the stresses and concerns of your day. Allowing you to drift into a peaceful slumber, it can be used nightly as a natural and holistic aid for relaxation and sleep induction.

Headphone play is recommended for maximum effect. Frequency-minded background music is a 6 Hz binaural beat designed to induce the theta wave pattern in the brain, which is a deep state of relaxation and the first stage of the dream state.




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Frequency-Minded Music Produced By ListeningToSmile

Voiced By Sian Ailish Winslade

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