Almost seven years ago, I took a nose dive into all things not easily seen or understood. The really big questions about life. This universe in which we live. The belief systems, conditioning, and fears I realized I was carrying around like old luggage.

I was locked in my own dissonance and felt the swirl of rapidly shifting considerations and life views. Social structures, emotional crutches and false identities that I had clung to for a lifetime were crumbling like a house of cards. It sparked the beginnings of a radical soul wake-up call. I had lived for a long time with nagging knots in my gut and they were finally demanding to be unraveled.

Navigating this deep awakening within my spirit, while mother to three kiddos, has just made it all the more interesting. In one sense, my fairly typical everyday existence required my participation and engagement. In another, the veil that separates the world of the five senses from the more expansive magic and mystery of the divine, started to become very thin.

Rather suddenly, I found myself contemplating things like enlightenment and multidimensional existence in the carpool line. I was engaging in very profoundly mystical meditation experiences. It became easier and easier to close my eyes, and through a synergy of silence and focused attention, commune with an expanse of divinity to which I was previous unconscious. Moving into a much broader perspective about everything I had ever believed or thought myself or my experiences to be. And then navigating a significant reshuffling of everything inside and out. Unraveling, releasing and growing. My soul was awakening from a deep slumber. I was emerging into an entirely new awareness and state of being which felt much like coming home to a place I had simply forgotten.

My formal education is in Communication Disorders. I hold both a BS Ed and MS and have worked with a variety of clients and families for over 15 years in that capacity. I consider myself a student of life. Empathic by nature, an intuitive observer and reader of energies, people and behavior. Certainly a master of never-ending self study. But of most value, is the wisdom and peace offered through a continual commitment to self-discovery and cultivating my relationship with the divine.

The work of psychiatrist Carl Jung has proven to be extremely beneficial in my own self-examination. I have experienced great personal benefit from the work of individuals such as:

Alan Watts – Eckhart Tolle – Louise Hay – Byron Katie – Esther Hicks – Matt Kahn – Teal Swan – Caroline Myss

As both my coach and honorary mentor, I have also worked with respected Emotional Healing Coach and satirical genius (really, a winning combination), JP Sears.

Ultimately everything about my experience is always leading me back to the compass in my soul and the discernment of my heart. The space where truth exists for me. A space I would encourage all to come to know for themselves. You can read more about my journey in my blog post, The Mothering Awakening. 

Thank you again for connecting with Momtra. And if you would like to speak with me further, I would consider it my privilege.