Hi and thank you for connecting! My hope is that you will find value in what I’m offering through Momtra. I hold extreme gratitude for the people who explore their curiosities and find the heart to share about life in courageous ways. The ones who peel back the often uncomfortable layers and then validate, encourage or challenge the rest of us through our connection with their vulnerable honesty. Those are the people who encourage me to do and be the same.

I am inspired to share as I continue to pursue what feels real and right for my soul. And to empower others along their own sacred journey of self-discovery. Through my Momtra memes and weekly blog, I offer up realizations and perspectives that inspire me on my own personal spiritual path. Whether it is support, validation, clarity, or even the catalyst for your next big question, I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service and thankful to be here with each of you on this crazy cosmic ride. You can connect with my weekly blog here.

Exploring soul and growing in spirit.    

If you feel like you would benefit from a one-on-one conversation and practical tools to assist in navigating your own life journey, I would consider it my privilege to assist.

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